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Dispatch app

Every driver is his own dispatcher

As an independent driver or renagade you can not always help all your customers in our own. Sometimes you have to outsource your business to other experianced colleagues, but this should be properly implemented and preferably in a convenient way and quickly dispatched. Making call to see wich colleague is nearby and available takes often al lot of time and sometimes unnecessary annoyances. That's why P.D.D.A. implemented the iPhone app Dispatch. Dispatch rides, see what familiar colleagues and with what type of car who is in the vicinity of the customer. This way the customer has the minimum waiting time possible. Our own members have many regular clientele, such as hotels, businesses, embassies, ministries and they transport a lot customers whom are part of the expat community. It is important there is a quality taxi in short period of time at the customer. Our members can instantly see which colleagues are nearby and whether they are available. They can dispatch there business to the colleagues they select themselves. After the last Dispatch software update it's now possible to add additional extra information with each dispatch, such as payment in cash or by invoice, pickup time, customer name, telephone number etc. So our members can are conducting daily business in a convenient and very effective manner. This way we continually keep our competitors at distance.

Data connection

The location of customers and colleagues is loaded with Google Maps. Therefore it's important that the driver has a good and fast data connection from his provider. We have calculated that the app in normal use approximately 300 MB of data per month. Sometimes typing on a touch screen while driving is quite difficult, so all your frequently used locations, and regular customers can be stored as favourite locations. This way you can smoothly dispatch your business.


iPad and iPhone

Many of our members work with an iPhone and iPad. The large screen of the iPad is fine for use especially in the car, but not always convenient to bring along. With the iPhone you can also dispatch and forward your business as usual. The app can be used at least an iPhone 3G or iPad1. The device must be able to handle multitasking. Later this year, the app is also available on Google's Android platform.

No unnecessary costly Dispatch Centres needed

With this there is no need for the old fashioned and expensive taxi dispatch centres. The drivers use on their own phone to receive calls from their customers. So all members within the group stay insured of their independence. They decide to whom they outsource a ride. All transmitted data is logged, so there can be looked back afterwards for any reciprocal billing. The app is not a substitute for known plan programs like WinTax or data terminals like Quipment and others. There is no navigation possible through Dispatch, there is also no taxi meter function.

Alarm button

Nevertheless the app contains an emergency button. If a driver push the alarm button all colleagues automatically receives an emergency message with the current location of the colleague in trouble. Also, the drivers can send messages to each other. This is very useful if for example there's a roadblock, traffic congestions etc. So every driver can arrives through the fastest route at the customer. and if additional information is needed for a trip, you can also send a call-back request.


It is also possible to make use of the PayPal customer payments. The receipt will be sent by email. Condition is that the customer is also in possession of a Smartphone.


It is important to choose a reliable provider with a fast and unlimited data bundle. This is to be sure of a good coverage of the Internet.

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