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Welcome at P.D.D.A. Foundation

The cooperation and networking alliance

The foundation aims to act as contact point for consumers, businesses, governments and drivers. To promote the quality of cooperation within the group of members, for example by developing and encouraging membership of a quality mark, the design and development of innovations within the taxi industry, as an individual operated mobile online positioning and dispatch system in combination with a online diary, cost-effective administrative actions and a complaints desk. Either cooperation and networking in the broadest sense.

High quality drivers

Many of our members have over the years developed into high quality drivers or taxicompany's. Especially in the business market, they earned there stars, but by their own success, they often suffer from capacity problems. With the larger dispatch centres they cannot work, this is one of the reasons they joined the P.D.D.A. Because the P.D.D.A. don't just accept new members and screens all new members and continue to do so, the quality is guaranteed. If one of our members outsource business in the group, it will be executed to their own high standards. In addition to the individual members they decide themselves with whom they can and cannot conduct business within the group. For this purpose, the P.D.D.A. has the Dispatch application at its disposal.


The members are in charge

The uniqueness of the design of the P.D.D.A. business model is that every member self act as his own dispatcher. The P.D.D.A. does not interfere with the individual dispatching; we keeping the communication lines short and the members stay responsible of their own clientele and are able to do acquisitions under its own name and banner. Excluding the acquisition of customers of fellow members, this is explicitly "NOT DONE". This way P.D.D.A. ensures the quality to all her members. The P.D.D.A. just facilitates the tools to be able to network and will ensure that all members continue to meet up the high quality standards ask for. All drivers are dressed in business suit and are minimal HTX certified, but the majority is also certified Management Driver CVV D1 or even CVVD2 and conduct their business with the latest models and limo's wich are equipped with all the luxury and safety options.

Non-profit organization

The P.D.D.A. is a non-profit foundation, there for it allows us to keep the membership fees extremely low. In contrast to all other taxi dispatch centres, taxi company's etc. which suffer heavy overhead costs and / or be guided by money squandering managers. We are the only real low-budget solution for the benevolent entrepreneur, so the members have more possibility’s to invest in their own business. Through this business model the quality of the group is maintained. The P.D.D.A. is for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

Credit cards accepted

Besides the comfort and pleasure you experience at our services, we also provide in the opportunity to pay not only in cash but also with your Creditcard/Pin/Maestro. This is safe, easy and especially trustworthy.


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