Bridging the distance!


Do you have a complaint!

Although P.D.D.A. only attend business with HTX and/or CVV D1/D2 certified drivers, there's always the possibility you want to express your dissatisfaction, or worse you have a complaint about our service. Please notify us in writing through our P.D.D.A. Complaint and send it to us. But ONLY if the complaint is a P.D.D.A. member concerned. Do you have a complaint about another non P.D.D.A. connected taxi organization or driver you can use the general Taxi Complaint . Or go directly to the official site for a complaint about a taxi.

To all our transportation, the General terms & conditions KNV Taxi apply. P.D.D.A. has an outstanding complaint desk. Also, all our members are connected with the Geschillencommissie Taxivervoer, tel 0900 202 1881 or see

Tip 1

When using a taxi (of any organization) always ask for a receipt, This reciept have to contain the details of the company and driver listed. Do you have a complaint it's much easier to trace the driver.

Tip 2

Always use a P.D.D.A. connected member, so you can be sure that you are driven the best route from A to B or C. Driven by our members you will be in de best proffessional hands possible.

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