Bridging the distance!


Quality drivers

P.D.D.A. works only with certified drivers and operators that meet the highest quality standards and are screened by the board. We're monitoring our high service level 24/7. The P.D.D.A. strives for a win - win situation for both customers and members, our motto is "honest business is the only business." We anticipate the latest trends that our industry is subject to, move with the market fexibility and apply our long-term view on this continuously.

Still some quality members wanted

Partly due to the success of our own members, the PDDA still looking for some serious customer-oriented quality members. Do you also suffers regularly with capacity problems, you are also tired of being out of control of your outsourced business, selling no is not an option, you're short of good reliable colleagues during peak hours. Or just have periods of overcapacity, where you would like to see your cars occupied? The P.D.D.A. might be your low cost solution.



We challenge you to ask for a meeting with our board to get better acquainted and a more detailed explaination of our unique business model. Mail to we are more than happy to talk to you.

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